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With your purchase, you provide more than psychosocial support to rape survivors, you share in their pain and send a message that they are not alone; no matter how hard the past was, they can always begin again stronger.


It is hard to believe that one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. Concurrently, in Nigeria, according to a poll by NOI Polls and Stand to End Rape, child rape is prevalent and increasingly having devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities – making people more susceptible to contracting sexually-transmitted diseases, suicidal attempts, unwanted pregnancy which will impact their education and provoking emotional and psychological damages.

Since Stand to End Rape Initiative’s inception, we have dealt with cases of victims who were on the verge of committing suicide. Some others who were violated by a close relative, family are incapacitated to break the silence as outing their perpetrator indirectly equals losing access to basic welfare.

Sexual violence is a complex issue usually compounded by ineffective laws, attitudinal disorders among other issues.Most victims of sexual violence are vulnerable people with no access to support or safe spaces.


While this problem stares at us in the face, we can do something about it. Lack of adequate safe spaces is not only necessary, it is expedient in facilitating their well-being. Creating safe spaces and empowerment for survivors of sexual violence not only meets their psychological and physical needs , but also prevents the long term negative effects on the health of individuals, families and communities involved.

When you shop for a STER product, you enable 2 survivors access FREE psychosocial help and also create a medium for their empowerment in Nigeria.






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When you start your day with a cup of tea/coffee from a STER mug, not only do you potentially improve the blood flow in your body, you also help to share our message to the world; NO means NO.
Rocking our t-shirt to work is the cool thing to do. Not only is it trendy, it also carries a message that corrects the most pronounced myths on sexual violence.